Anti Sleep Alarm Device

This Anti Sleep Alarm Device applicable for Drivers, Security Guards, Students, Police etc.

Well, this driver safety alarm can help prevent ACCIDENTS caused by drivers sleeping while driving. 

Furthermore, This smart gadget Anti Sleep Alarm Device is a must have for any truck drivers, car drivers or any students who stays up late working on homework.

How To Wear

In addition, Anti Sleep/Drowsy Alarm Device is not only designed for drivers but also perfect for the people who need to be wakefully while on duty, for example Security Guards, Machine Operators to remove DROWSINESS! It is also PERFECT for sleepy drivers or someone working in the night shift and having trouble staying awake.

How To Use It:

This anti sleep alarm device looks like a Bluetooth. Just put it behind your right ear like Bluetooth, when your head nods forward, an electronic position sensor will sounds a loud alarm to instantly wake you!

Using Of This Device

Its not so hard to get it if you are in Bangladesh. You can directly contact with the SELLER of this smart gadget Anti Sleep Alarm Device from HERE!

You may also send Email to the seller!

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