Spy Hidden Camera In Glass, Now Available In Bangladesh!

This makes it the ultimate spy tool! World's first video spy camera in eye-wear with 5MP CMOS Camera for clear digital video real time recording now in BD.

Yes! you can record crystal clear audio & High definition video Secretly using this hidden camera.
Its better than any other spy cameras in the market of Bangladesh though SPY CAMERA in Bangladesh is very popular for various security reasons.

Furthermore, Camera of this Spy Glass is completely covert and records internally on its own micro SD card, making it virtually impossible to detect. It’s perfectly normal to see someone wearing glasses, so nobody would be suspicious if they see you wearing a pair.
In addition, you can have it on you at all times without it looking strange.

Hidden Camera In Glass

Spy Hidden Camera With A Rechargeable Battery, You Can Use It Anywhere!
Suppose, you need to record something hidden for 1 or 2 hours. No worries at all! It has a built-in lithium battery which can records video and audio for 3 hours.  Just press a button and record away! It’s simple to set up and operate. This HIDDEN SPY camera can record over 3 hours of high definition video if you use a 32GB mini SD card. It’s nearly impossible to find a wearable spy camera that records 720p video, but now you can be sure that everything you record is the highest quality. If you need to recharge the battery it’ll be ready to go again within an hour!
Smart Looking Frame
This Spy Camera Reveal The Truth With Crystal Clear High Definition!
In Bangladesh, most battery operated hidden cameras are notorious for their low resolution, choppy footage. But not this one! This tiny Spy camera records 1280x720 resolution video, making it one of the clearest glasses cameras out there! It’s perfect for anyone who needs to see every important detail! The HD SPY Camera In Glass records only with the touch of a button! You’ll have the glasses on you at all times, so you don’t need to worry someone picking the camera up and starting/stopping the recording. Only you will control the camera, allowing you to turn it on and off with the push of a button. Its simple to use and operate.

Spy Hidden Camera Records Crystal Clear Audio!
This Spy Hidden Camera glass is not only records video of whatever you see, but also there is audio for everything you hear as well. Want to record what someone said to you for later review? You won't be left in the silence. Just remember that audio can't be used for legal reasons if the person you're recording is not aware that you are!
In this present situation of Bangladesh, 'SECURITY' should be the first choice of us. For your own security, u may use these type of gadgets to avoid any further harassment!

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Hidden Camera in Bangladesh

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